Thinking About Trying Something New, Weird and a Bit Strange…

You may actually like this one…
You may have heard me talking about my love for writing recently and how I am going back to publishing on Kindle more actively over the next few months.
I actually have a plan to hit 5 figures of passive income monthly within 6 months just using short Kindle books.
I have had some success in the past with single 35 page books making as much as $1000+ the very first month… This is with ZERO promotion from me whatsoever…
So I already KNOW the power of Amazon’s marketplace and I have been slapping myself for neglecting it all this time. Getting a lil sore too.
But I have been getting a few emails asking “does this mean you will not be launching any more WSOs?” and “are you done with the WarriorForum?”.
Hmmm. That is a tricky one.
I will explain that more in a later post. But for now lets get to something weird 🙂
What if, instead of launching my WSO’s as $15 and up products on the WarriorForum… I instead put the same content in Kindle books where you could get it for $2.99 (the average price for a kindle book)?
You would save a ton and I would still get to create products and trainings for you. Just not on the forum?
What do you prefer?
Do you like this idea or would you rather me continue to put them on the forum like you are used to?
Haven’t worked out all the moving parts yet. Like if something needs a video explanation, I would probably just link to the video at the right spot in the book, ya know?
One of the last videos I did with a partner of mine where we showed how to setup simple 1-page websites that bring in dang near hands free monthly reoccurring payments is still getting a ton of buzz!
I love doing LIVE training videos (as you may already know)
But if you happened to miss this one… you can catch up here:
I really love this method!
Try it out! Put it into action and leave a comment letting me know your results and I will feature you on the blog, in my book or on the podcast to help get you more steam!
Everyone loves a good success story. Let’s watch your own Hero’s journey unfold..
P. James “Clark Kent” Holland
a.k.a Coach Comeback
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