How I Made $2991 in 4.5 days from of 53 subscribers from scratch – ZERO Investment

WARNING: Result ARE typical!
“Virtually Unknown Internet Nobody Swears Under Oath: I did it all starting from nothing!”
Follow along as I show you how I used a simple method from one $7 wso purchase that made me $2991 and built a list of a whopping 53 RAVING FANS who LOVE me in less than 4.5 days without having 2 nickels to rub together at the time!
If you have an internet connection and can speak english, then you have what it takes to use this system anytime you need cash and you have less than a week to do it!
(actually this works in any language. I don’t know why I just said that. Scratch that last bit)
If you’re like me then you probably:

  1. Have purchase more WSO’s than you care to admit
  2. Have no connections, JV’s, Affiliates or a list to help you get started
  3. Are in desperate need of some quick cash
  4. Are sick of trying products that simply don’t work or are based on some “loophole” that becomes outdated before you even get to try it
  5. Are in desperate need of some quick cash
  6. Would like to build a list of fans that adore you that you can sell to over and over again
  7. Want to do something you actually enjoy
  8. Haven’t got enough money to spend on paid advertisements to make it profitable
  9. And are probably in desperate need of some quick cash… if I didn’t mention that yet

I’m not kidding!
If I were to email one of the big names on this forum my message would go directly in the trash!
Nobody knows me.
I have no connections. I had no list. I barely even know what I was doing.
You see, I am a writer by passion. A Personal Develpment blogger to be more exact.
If you search my name (Coach Comeback or P. James Holland – yes that is my real name), you will find:

  • A few terrible kindle books selling 3 copies a month
  • My personal blog of almost 2 years attracting a MASSIVE 34 visitors a day
  • My facebook profile with my friends and family
  • A few REALLY AWESOME guests post I wrote (I am actually proud of these)
  • A few self help products that NEVER sold =-(

And that’s about it!
You wont find any “make money online” poducts, no listbuilding campaigns, no one requesting to be my JV… NOTHING!
I was just a regular old pole-climbing lineman from AT&T (yes that’s really me) [RIGHT]zGpLiwA.jpg?1[/RIGHT]
But don’t take my word for it – go ahead and check! I’ll Wait.

(brief intermission)
Intermission Why go through all this trouble to let you know how much of a nobody I am?
I was/am just like you…
I had tried almost every product in the book!

  • I “Sniped” sites
  • I “SE Nuked” sites
  • I SEO’d sites
  • I Niched sites
  • I Backlinked sites
  • I Curated sites
  • I Guest Posted Sites
  • I Facebooked
  • I Squidoo’d all over myself
  • I Kindled
  • I Nooked
  • I Smashed my words
  • I Held Contests
  • I Youtubed
  • I Twittered
  • I Pinned
  • I Google+ed
  • I podcasted
  • I Hungout
  • I Pressed my Releases
  • I Fiverred
  • I Meme’d

You name it… I tried it!
But you already know that because you should have already done a thorough background check earlier during the intermission… right?
Sure I made a few bucks here and there. Enough to keep the lights on anyway. But not enough to live this work-from-home Internet dream I had been hearing so much about!
Out of frustration I said I was not buying another WSO until I made a bunch of money.
Kind of the chicken or the egg thinking right there – I will buy more products to teach me how to make money… when I make more money… hmmmm
But something about that one LAST WSO caught my attention!
Nothing was overly special about the sales page. The message sounded like most of the others. And I had no idea who the creator was. It was the first I had heard of him.
But I bit the bullet and literally had to scape up the $7 to purchase Russ Ruffino’s WSO…
I used his method… AND IT WORKED!
Even when I did everything wrong… it just freakin worked!
I’m talking from IDEA to CASH IN MY BANK – 4 and a half days!
So what happened next?
Being bouncing-off-the-wall excited because this was the most I had made online in such a short period of time I sent Russ a message and made a testimonial video just to tell him thank you and how much of an impact that made on my life.
Turns out he shared my success story with his other buyers… and I am sure you can guess what happened next!
People were contacting me every other day wanting to know how I did it.
Even though they also bought the program they NEEDED to SEE it in action.
They needed to see an actual example of how to use what they had just learned.
Being the self-helper and people lover that I am, I helped every last one of the people who contacted me.
I spent as much as several hours on skype with a few of them detailing everything I did, step-by-step.
And guess what
That is when I realized many others out there are having this exact same problem.
Some people can read a book one time then go out and implement what they just read flawlessly… I HATE THESE PEOPLE! 😡
The rest of the world needs actual examples. The rest of us need to not just know WHAT to do but SEE HOW to do it for themselves!
That is why I created…
In this case study I will be showing you EXACTLY what I did to make $2991 in less than 5 days from the list the system built of 53.
What is inside the case study:

  • I will show you the entire process. From idea to cash. You will see everything I did.
  • I will reveal my exact niche. I never like products that don’t show how the creator used it. Bottom line – If your produce quality content competition will be irrelevant. People will always choose you over the others! STEAL MY NICHE IF YOU WANT! It can NEVER get saturated!

1000 people could STEAL my exact process and duplicate it 100% and all 1000 would get the same results I got GUARANTEED!
Just copy what I did and you can’t fail
You will learn:

  • Why you don’t need a list to get started – I started from scratch in a brand new niche totally unrelated to personal development
  • The best sources for free instant traffic – This is exactly where I got my optins that lead to the sales
  • Why you don’t need any fancy tech skills to do this – I have NONE… (as if you couldn’t tell! Check out this sales page BLEECHT! 😮
  • How to guarantee your success from the moment you have the idea
  • How to pick the right topic for your offer – I failed and did this wrong… and it was still a success
  • Why you should pay attention to what Russ Ruffino is doing. His stuff works for a reason

Listen, I don’t need to prove to you that this stuff really works – The original WSO sold over 1000 copies!
You are getting to see the entire system put into action from a PROVEN AND HIGHLY RESPECTED MARKETER – RUSS RUFFINO
Added Bonuses
– Live Q and A Webinar
You will not just get the course and be left on your own. I will be hosting a webinar where you can ask me directly any questions you may have.
Need help picking a topic? Outlining your funnel? Deciding what to charge? Get all your questions answered live so there is no way you wont succeed!
Members have said on some modules there is even MOVE value shared in the comments than the actual training! You have a question? We got answers 😀

Yes James!  I'M IN!
qtyleft_36275.pngDo I believe this will help anyone?
Let me answer that with my guarantee:
Yes! Try this method out for a week after seeing how easy it was for me and if you don’t like it, ask for a refund.
Try this method out for a YEAR… no results then you don’t pay. SIMPLE!
How many people believe in their product that much?
Coach Comeback;8569948 wrote:

I say… call my bluff 🙂

Take the course while keeping one finger hovering over the refund mouse click. And if after going through each module you dont immediately rush back here excited to get started and motivated by the possibilities and are absolutely COMPELLED to leave a review . . .. then I will eat my own dirty sock!
yes… I really did just quote myself on my own sales page
Nothing much else to it.
I tried this and I am a nobody and people paid me $2991… and were happy to do it! NOT ONE REFUND!

What Motivates Me… and The Real Reason I Created This Course below…:o
Vibrant Warrior;8568667 wrote:

ANYTHING that has Russ Ruffino’s endorsement, I would buy without the slightest hesitation 🙂

southpaw;8728118 wrote:

My feedback…

… I built up a small list list and simply pulled the trigger… resulting in just shy of $8k in sales (real estate investing niche). Not bad for the first go of it, IMO.
The model that James shares flat-out works extremely well… IF you’ll take action and follow the plan. After that, you can add your own flavor and tweaks.
James is a straight shooter and I highly recommend this WSO!
DevEdge;8630404 wrote:

This Stuff Works!

I set my first project up but FAILED to do one crucial thing – test my setup. Which meant I had a big technical problem
But I still made $465 (3 sales) within one hour. My EPC was $5.96
Now going to automate this and plug in some paid traffic and hopefully next time I won’t have the technical problem which will mean better conversions.
momof4;8623493 wrote:

Coach is the real deal, and this case study is brilliant. You can tell he really cares; he’s not at all the typical marketer. Very impressive and inspiring; gave me lots of ideas. Thanks Coach!

borama05;8623497 wrote:

Coachcomeback is truly one of the good guys. I purchased his course and I can genuinely say I have learned so much from him. I know he says he is a nobody but his course is truly packed with so much knowledge. But the best part about him is how he gives his time, he actually chatted with me on Skype for a good 30 min not to mention all the emails on questions I had. Thank you for much Coach, keep up the great work and I look forward to anything else you offer in the future. You are one of the good guys there.

Nile Vincent;8623698 wrote:

Hey Warriors,

I just wanted to tune in here and comment on this authentic and enormously
effective WSO “This Stuff Really Works”…and it’s creator…
My earlier review Post # 114 stated exactly my views relating to the material
in this course…the sales page is straight forward with no hype or false promises…
This review is for the sole purpose of describing the producer of that WSO…
James Holland…
My personal interactions with this gentleman as a marketer…a Warrior…and
a human being…has been nothing less than inspiring, inspirational and genuine…
Here’s a man with the “right stuff”…what we all aspire to want to achieve…a
rising Internet Marketing career…where our freedoms are realized and our
destinies are in our own hands…
And James has done this by offering one of the “most sincere and effective”
WSO’s that I’ve come across in a long while…Impressive…
Once in a while…someone comes along that’s really offering us what we really
need…the strategies and tactics that’ll help us along our way…
And with this, a sincere and honest effort to help you with any issues…no matter
what you may come across…so your successes will come along also…Priceless…
So…the bottom line is…don’t be afraid to trust someone who’s really in your
corner…because these opportunities don’t come along everyday…
glennshep;8623766 wrote:

I picked up James’ WSO more out of curiosity as I am already familiar with Russ’ product and was interested to see how James put everything into practice.

In summary, James has put together a truly excellent WSO. What I have taken away from it is: don’t over-think things and take action. A lot of the stuff I already know but James gives a lot of great tips along the way and I managed to pick up some great ideas that have helped me to think about how I can change direction slightly with a couple of the things I’m working on currently.
The best part about all of this is it’s all based on his experience – what he’s actually done and what actually WORKS. There’s no theory or hype in this product. James isn’t afraid to showcase his errors, admit his mistakes and help others to learn from them. All in all, a great product from a great guy. James is a prime example of the type of Marketer that the industry needs and the type of Warrior that we need here. More like him will make the IM space a much better place indeed.
Glenn 🙂
funkypumpkin;8624103 wrote:

I personally felt his WSO had some real value & he was always there to help.

heavyjay;8624365 wrote:

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said in previous posts. Coach IS one of the good guys. His intention is to actually help people rather than keep them busy and broke with shiny objects.

dogstar;8624509 wrote:

I can’t say enough about how valuable Coach is to the Warrior Forum and the IM community at large…this WSO is worth more than 10 times what it costs plus his insights into the foundations of success through personal development are incredibly valuable…he is one of true good guys…and yes, by the way, I purchased this WSO and place it in the top 3 of WSOs I’ve ever bought…practical, insightful and above all real world!

grandaga;8625140 wrote:

I had never heard of “Coach Comeback”, aka James, before I had a chance to listen to an interview of him by another, more familiar marketer. Short story, I was quite impressed with the Coach’s story, product info and overall stellar attitude during the lengthy but very interesting interview. This prompted me to take a look at this WSO. I liked what I saw, did a little more investigating and pressed the buy button.

Cut to the chase….this is truly an excellent product, in the top 2 or 3 of all WSO’s I have purchased over the past five years. Just as Coach said the method is very “doable” and has a tremendous profit potential over the near and long term. All steps are detailed in simple actionable detailed instructions.
I am in the process of setting up my first webinar for this week and I am confident of having success. No matter the actual sales results of my first effort, I “know” that I will drive traffic to it and I will build my list as a result…and I will just keep fine tuning my presentation and product and I “will” fill up my client base.
Even better….Coach has given me hands on help multiple times as I have been in the process of preparing for the webinar. We have traded emails and he has worked with me on Skype. And, I am scheduled to connect with him tomorrow, Monday, as we put the final touches on the presentation.
Are you serious about succeeding online? If so, get this bargain of a product and get to work. Yes, you will have to put some effort in to it; but Coach will be there to help you get rolling.
Finally….Coach’s product and customer service is at a level we truly should all aim for.
EasySt;8625621 wrote:

Coach is one of the best guys I’ve come across on the forum!

This WSO is one of the best I’ve bought, and I can assure you, I’ve purchased many.
His support is top notch, and Coach is willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.
Trust me, this stuff is great, coach is great, and it’ll all work out!
AskMsD;8627836 wrote:

Coach Comeback,

This guy is the real deal, we have connected and he has help me with my business and even with life really, his caring heart is unmeasurable and his self help training which he shares freely. He has given step by step instruction on how to obtain large amount of cash in a short period of time, and he is there to assist you along your journey. There are very few people online that I can personally speak about in a positive manner.
This guy is in rare air, I even got on him on this very thread about his low volume talking on his video’s but he still assisted me and I believe he genuinely cares for people. So whatever he does I am behind him 100+%. You continue Coach.
DJX71;8627866 wrote:

This product was, I’ll admit it — a little scary to me. DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone. I have not ‘done it’ yet, but I know that Coach James is there for me if I’ll need him. He has given every resource and more that I’ll EVER need to do it, and has basically really PO’d me because he’s taken away EVERY excuse I could possibly have for NOT doing it! Every one! If I fail with this, or just plain don’t do it? It’s all on me. All. Period.

Besides the ‘living’ (constantly-updated) member’s area he’s put together for us, he’s definitely been there for me personally, as well, to gently help and prod (never push!) along my journey. I WILL do it, it WILL be great with great results, and it will be because of this training and his helpful spirit.
My personal experience with Coach Comeback / James has been just awesome — he’s about the most helpful person I’ve EVER come across on this forum. It would appear that he’s made it his personal ‘mission’ to see that each and every person he comes in contact with has a quality experience, and gets whatever question they may have answered or whatever help they may otherwise need (whether it’s from him directly, or he directs them to a helpful resource). While that may sound crazy or ‘too good to be true’ (we all know THAT one, right??), every word and action I’ve seen from him backs me up on that.
Serra11;8632441 wrote:

Coach is a very inspiring person and foremost a good man.
I did not obtain any results in IM because of me, I’m a newbie and and I need help but I learned interesting things with this WSO.
For this price, it’s absolutely a great deal!

ParadigmShift;8572754 wrote:

Hi everybody. I thoroughly recommend this product. Coach Comeback has done an excellent job with this. Great content from very well organised set of videos. Such good value. Thank you Coach.

Barefoot Warrior;8572263 wrote:
The problem with most WSOs is that you don’t know if they work, here we have someone who is going to show that one he bought does work. He could have just given a testimonial, which he did, but taking the time to show a case study is far more valuable and frankly at the price of under $10 is worth it for those who need the extra boost to take action on something.
Perhaps you should just buy Russ’ WSO and be successful with it like Coach has, or maybe buy both 🙂
I understand your reaction, because so many WSOs are just rehashed rubbish that the creator has never done, it is fairly evident that this is nothing of the kind.
ODeez;8571307 wrote:

Hey Coach,

I purchased your WSO this morning and I think it’s great. Some of todays great IMr’s believe the platforms you use inside are the future of IM. I got a few emails from the greats today about them.
This is powerful stuff and I look forward to implementing the info. You are very good in the videos and support is top notch. I’m glad I grabbed it.
Best of wishes in all your ventures and I look forward learning more from you.
Colin O’Donnell
kelldall;8578040 wrote:

Got my login, thanks James.

After going through most of James’s (Coach Comeback) course , i feel confident that the figure that James arrived at is authentic and can be achieved consistently.
The basic technicals can be learned and James shows us the shortcuts without sacrificing quality.
You will find that James is motivated to help us succeed and inside the membership, you can get answers to whatever you may be stuck on.
Tinkan;8580640 wrote:

With all the different courses that I’ve purchased, I’ve never seen someone step in front of their product to help others succeed the way that you do. It’s mostly just people that get others to join their half @$$ program, then send their mailing list, promo after promo. But if you try to reach that person on a personal level for help, you’re lucky to get a half @$$ response from them. I’ve read several ebook on ‘how to connect with your mailing list on a personal level’, and stuff along those lines. But I couldn’t really put together how to do that, because I’ve never seen it in action. But you definitely achieve that, I assume just by you being, you. And that’s extremely inspiring. Even when you aren’t trying to teach me something, I seem to be learning something new.

Nile Vincent;8593142 wrote:

[LEFT]This Stuff Really Works!”
Well, it’s finally happened…one of us purchases a WSO and after taking action…
thru the trial’s-and-errors…achieves the successes that he’s working toward

And puts together a step-by-step WSO case study of the exact steps necessary
for success…and brings it back to this arena…for our perusal and success!!!
How many times have we asked reviewers and any purchasers to please come
back and show results…and usually we never hear of anyone making a dime…
Well, here’s our answer folks…Russ Ruffino offered a brilliant WSO awhile
back…and the creator of this WSO grabbed it…took the action that’s needed…
and succeeded…big time…
As a result of that success….James Holland’s This Stuff Really Works 1.0
WSO is being offered here…and it’s the exact same material that we’ve been
screaming and begging for…a method that’ll make you some serious bucks…
without the fluff, bs or hype…Priceless!!!
We’re always stating “we need money now” and/or “fast, easy bucks is
preferable”…well…this package is exactly what’ll deliver the goods…finally.
Though it might not be actually ‘easy’ per se…with the strategies, tactics and
tips that James shows you…your success is just a matter of you actually
‘Taking Action!’…and nothing more…
Folks, this is an ‘over-the-shoulder’ case study of the steps that really need
to be taken…the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ answered every step of the way…
When a self-declared ‘nobody’ takes on an acclaimed WSO and succeeds…
making the bucks you’ve dreamed about…and comes back and shows you everything
he did wrong…and then did right…step-by-step…and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams…
If everyone on this thread were to take actionthey would succeed
Bigtime! And never have to look for that ‘shiney-magic-button’ EVER again
What you have here is a 10 module video course covering everything necessary
to succeed in this IM arena…whether you’re selling tangible and/or non-tangible
products and services…and promoting thru webinars, emails, direct sales letters
or video sales letters…
Plus you’ll have a bonus Q and A webinar…where any and all of your questions
will be answered…
James Holland’s This Stuff Really Works 1.0 is an impressive manifesto on
what it takes to go from frustrating info-overload paralysis to a succeeding endeavor in this IM arena…
In his own words…“I really want this to be for those who are truly stuck….
as sort of like a last resort”…and that’s what this is all about…His tutorial instructions…
and your inevitable success!!!
There’s no denying that James has worked Russ’s product ‘thru-the-trenches’…
and succeeded!
Bottom line…you want to be a successful Internet Marketer…and have all the successes
that come with that…then you’ve gotta ‘put the pedal to the medal’ and grab this package…
In all the reviews I’ve written…and all that I’ve read by others…
there’s never been a more promising WSO than James Holland’s This Stuff Really Works 1.0
And with the lifetime money-back guarantee…this is rarely the case…just goes to show
you the sincerity of the offer…James declares his complete confidence in this package…
The customer service is unparalleled…he’s there every step of the way for you
so you won’t be left stranded with questions…awesome…
If there’s ever been a money-making offer…that’ll actually make you the bucks…This is it!!!
Grab this before it’s gonethe insights, skills and tactics you’ll attain for your business is priceless!!!
Alicia Thibadeau;8617663 wrote:

My review:

Take action and you will get the results that Coach made or even more. He goes into great detail on everything exactly how he did it. He even threw in some great bonuses that makes this course even better. I believe if anyone wants to succeed online in the least amount of time then they can achieve the results as Coach did and repeatedly. Also, this is a great course for branding yourself and building your list with buyers.
RussRuffino;8617284 wrote:

Hey guys,

WOW…I didn’t even know Coach was doing this. I can personally verify that everything he’s saying in this sales letter is 100% TRUE. He did use my system, and he did bring in $2991 in just 4 days.
This WSO is an invaluable, kick-ass look at someone who actually TOOK ACTION rather than staying stuck in information-gathering mode. It’s extremely valuable to see a newbie who’s crushing it – highly recommend you guys pick this one up!

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