Trouble, Drama and Annoyances

Nothing is working right for me right now.

I usually don’t just ramble and let circumstances get the best of me.

But if you are wondering why you haven’t heard from me in awhile… or why it is a lot less than normal…

I have been consumed with technical issues that are driving me nuts!  I have been on the phone with support and I have my own amazing support on the case too. So soon enough things will be back to normal… I hope.

It’s just.. with all the planning of the move and the prep that goes with that (the brunt of it being dumped all on my wife Sisi since I am preoccupied… such a strong woman) this is just awful timing.

I need to step back and go back to my personal development roots and figure out what is really going on.  Everything seems “out of whack”… if you know what I mean~  Out of alignment!

What do you suggest?  When you are having a nothing-is-going-as-planned day/week/month… what do you do to align the stars and get your Mojo back?

Have you heard of EFT?  I actually got to interview the EFT wizard himself (if you don’t know who that is… you should)  I will share the interview sometime coming soon.

What do you got?

Could use some encouraging words right now. Can’t wait to read your comments in the box below.

P. James “overwhelmed” Holland

Coach Comeback

Ps. Many have told me in the past the THIS VIDEO has been a great help to them when having these same moments in the past.  Maybe I will rewatch it myself

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