Was Blind, Now I Can See..

I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than trying to watch your favorite old school kung fu movie (or other underrated foreign film (like Romantics Anonymous or Amelie (freaking great movies (with Aubrey Tautou (who is a cutie (don’t worry, Sisi agrees on her level of cuteness (which does not compare to Sisi’s fine and cuteness one bit (but is still worth mentioning))))))))))))…….(…sorry, lost track of how many sub quotes and closing quotes where needed there (I hate grammar (I got straight A’s in math (C- average in English)) and you have to keep pausing to read the subtitles…
You are forced to listen to it in the awful english dub-over
That has been my life since my friends car ate my last pair of seeing glasses months ago. And by “ate my glasses” I mean we went to the beach with him and I left my glasses in his car and his car is so….. well…. we will just say…. in disarray to be nice since he also reads my emails.. that my glasses were never to be seen again.
Good news is I don’t need them for everyday vision. I am nearsighted. More acurately, my vision is between 20/30 and 20/40… depending on the day and which eye is doing the seeing. Meaning, it is just good enough to pass the DMV vision test, but just annoying enough that reading street signs at night may bring out a sailors tongue from me.
So I don’t NEED them. But Sisi says I look smart and sexy in them. Which basically means I never take them off whether I need them or not. Just saying.
After giving up all hope of finding my last surviving pair (friends broke one when I took them off at a bar – Mistake – and the ocean ate my other pair while trying to paddleboard during high tide – just flat out stupid – Sisi finally made me a doc appointment and I got some new specks last night!
Yes yes… let the glasses jokes pour on in. I have heard them all! ((((((If you happen to have an original one I will give you one of my products for free-)/*
(did I mention I hate grammar?!)
One thing you may not know about me… I have an obsession with the brand OAKLEY. Almost ALL of my glasses are Oakley name brand. And yes, so are my newest ones.
Meaning, it burns OH SO GOOD when you lose/break them because they are NOT very cheap!
One thing that was NEVER EVER offered to me before. This optometrist offers a lifetime warranty against scratches, breaks, adjustments, etc. So I can go crazy now!!! And it was only like an additional $40!
Can you believe that?
So, I will be honest.. they were expensive! So to help cut the cost of my glasses and help fund our move to Lake Tahoe at the end of October/early November, I am offering a discount/payment plan for my coaching programs. LUCKY YOU
Unfortunately not EVERY program is open.
Only for personal 6 month coaching via Breaking Barriers here: http://thisstuffreallyworks.mindwarriorforum.com/coachs-corner/
The real estate coaching (if you are in then you already know the details from video 7)
Or Really Simple Launches
I will be willing to spread the payments out over a determined time so that you can get in.
So if you have been thinking about joining one but the didn’t have the lump sum.. this is your chance.
ONE CAVEAT: All programs are by application only.
Go here to download and fill out the application and we will schedule a call asap to decide if this is REALLY right for you.
Download Application
So check out the pics below and don’t forget to leave a comment. I’m really looking forward to talking to you soon and hearing your feedback on what you think of my new 4 eyes.
Coach Comeback
painted-in-love-526x395  me-and-my-dragon-526x395

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