What the $*%& Is "Kaizen"???

No it’s not a foreign cuss word…
Well.. Not “Kaizen” anyway…
I got emailed earlier this week from Nightingale-Conent (I am on their list. Best audio courses for decades now)about something called Kaizen.
I had been hearing that word around for awhile and never knew exactly what it meant.
It got my attention so I clicked through to the sales page to find the product was almost $60!!!
So I searched for the name of it hoping to find some reviews and instead found the “core” product, which is the book, on kindle for $8.
Funny thing is… I buy TONS of books on Kindle.. And I usually think anything over $5 is high priced for kindle when the majority of the books are $2.99
But since I had just come from the sales page at $60, now it seemed cheap!
Go figure.
Funny how all it takes is a change in perspective to alter our entire reality!
You may know that Sunday is my “education” day (I hope you too are dedication some time every week to your own personal growth as well) so this is what I am reading.
So far, the premise is simple… yet oh so powerful…
“Small things turn into BIG things”
All about taking “small” consistent actions to achieve BIG results.
That is pretty much the entire little mind shift I had that was behind that transformational week I made $2991 in 4.5 days!
Would I recommend the book?
I would have to say so.
Do you need 200 pages to get the message of breaking down your LARGE goals into tiny achieveable steps to get the momentum rather than trying to tackle the entire HUGE goal at once?
Probably not. But the stories and examples are great and help me to see real life applications of how to use this in different everyday situations.
If you read it… or have heard of Kaizen before… I would LOVE to know your take on it.
It’s all new to me.
Now … off to watch the Super Bowl… (commercials)
P. James “mind being blown” Holland
Coach Comeback
Ps. One of my coaching clients just launched his very own wso… IN LESS THAN 11 DAYS after joining! I feel like a proud parent right now. Especially seeing all the wonderful reviews coming in. Very proud indeed.
Pps. If you are a lifetime member, he has agreed to let me share the entire product with you for free. It will be inside the members area within the next couple days. Thank you for being a part of the team =-)

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