Why Being Unreasonable Is Food For Your Soul

how being unreasonable is good for the soul pictureYou have been “safe” your whole life!
You have been playing by the rules.  You have been doing everything you have been told you are “supposed” to be doing.
You have made friends with the right people.  You have gone to the right schools.  You even got the “right” job.
Yet, you yearn for something more.
If you have been following all the rules, why do you feel like something is still missing?
Maybe it is time to shake things up!

Why being unreasonable will open your soul


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Unreasonable action leads to being remarkable. ~ Owen Marcus

If this were my last chance to share something with the world, I would encourage everyone to be unreasonable – be instigators of change!
You’ve been a good person, you’ve given of yourself, and you’ve done the right thing – most of the time. You have lived your life by others’ rules, those rules that you were taught as a child, those rules you taught to others.
But what one rule have you always wanted to break? I’m not talking about laws, or morality. I don’t mean robbing a bank or cheating on your spouse. What is that thing that you wanted to do that you were told you shouldn’t?
Like quitting a job you hate that “has great benefits”. Starting your own company in a field that everyone says is “too risky”. Deciding to perform the songs you wrote LIVE in front of an open-mic audience. Selling your house and moving to the Bahamas because it sounds like fun. What rule would not hurt anyone – but would be “wrong” to do?


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