Wifi Hotspots Can Be Dangerous

Was at my neighborhood wifi hotspot last night. Went to my normal quiet place to connect.
This place is nice. It’s super quiet. No annoying barrista’s yelling out the wrong names every 14 seconds to sizes of drinks that make no sense whatsoever
No. I found a golden little undiscovered gem. Dang near completely isolated. Lots of empty tables and places to plug in.
Would actually have more space it the place didn’t also double as a self-storage.
They have endless racks of useless old junk covered in mounds of dust.
Seems no one really knows why the junk is there. But they make a point to keep it tidy and organized anyway.
Everything was going great except for last night.
Last night there was a disturbance and my hotspot.
Apparently someone tried to steal something from the storage.
He claimed he was a member of the warehouse and was allowed to “BORROW” stuff from time to time.
He seemed official to be honest.
He had a badge that he swiped and seemed to logically make note of the materials he was trying to borrow.
But since none of the workers had ever seen anyone with such clearance or anyone every try to leave with anything, you can imagine why they panicked.
So upon checking out a physical book from the storage and trying to leave the library… he was immediate arrested.
Investigation pending

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