Women Lie More Than Men (Video Proof – Caught In The Act)

women are liars

women are liars

It’s no secret…. Guys lie.
But I bet you didn’t know it has now been scientifically and mathematically PROVEN that women lie more than men!
That’s right!
Professors over at  TICJMU (highly accredited – see footnote at end of post for more information) have done extensive and exhausting research and studies to prove that women are genetically inclined to fib as much as 47 times more than men!
I know that may be hard to swallow at first!
But the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can head out and start apologizing to all those men you have been lying to over the years
Sure we do it every no and again.  But OF COURSE its very VERY rare a guy ever lies
And it is always something cute or fun…

We say things like:

  • No, that dress does not make you look fat
  • No I didn’t even notice that waitress that is falling out of her top
  • Of COURSE I would rather just cuddle
  • No I wasn’t watching that at all
  • I LOVE your family
  • I never USUALLY cry at movies like this.  I am just stressed right now

You get the point.
But men ALWAYS only EVER lie for the lady’s benefit =-D
We never just lie because.  There is always a very good reason.  Usually to protect her.
But women on the other hand…. They just flat out lie for no good reason at all.  OFTEN!
This is something that has been a constant debate for a very long time. But now we can put that contoversy to rest because I now have undeniable PROOF!


See the video and be the judge for yourself
[imaioVideo v=1]
If you are a guy, I know some of these probably broke your heart.  But don’t feel bad.  It is not your fault. It is just in the woman’s genetic makeup.  She has no choice. They are born liars!
And if you are a woman… there is no way you can get me to believe you are not guilty of a single one of those in the video.
I would bet you could probably add to that list . . . .  extensively!
Best one listed in the comments will get something “special” from me personally!
[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]TICJMU, the Institute quoted earlier, stands for The Institute of The Crap James Made Up. A Very Well Respected source in it’s field[/box]

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