Jupiter Hit By Astroid – Could we be next?

Jupiter hit by an astroid or a comet according to one ameture photographers footage. It begs the question… could the same thing happen to earth?  Check out the video. It is quite amazing. And to know that this was not the first time. Jupiter took a hit before in 1994 and that damage is still […]

5 Stupid Tips To Stop Complaining That You Will Probably Never Use

Complaining is natural. We all do it. YOU do it. You have probably done it today in fact. Be honest? What got you today? The traffic? The weather? The stupid news. Your dumb co-worker? Boss? Kids? Spouse? The color yellow? Whatever set you off today, I am sure you had some words about it and […]

Wednesday Wisdom – On Feeling Good

  Life's just better with a spoonful (or two) of peanut butter. #WednesdayWisdom pic.twitter.com/FX8XnUDJzN — DogVacay (@DogVacay) March 9, 2016   And a little feel good music to go with that.         21 Happiness Quotes To Make You Feel Good from Barrie Davenport