Coach Comeback Going Out Of Business???

Coach Comeback going out of businessSay it aint so!
I was just getting to know you too!
This is not entirely bad…. or true. Let me explain…

The Not-So-Short Story

A few weeks ago I was getting blasted with questions about how I made so much money in Real Estate in this supposedly “down” market.
So, as you probably already know, I held a live workshop where I spilled the beans and showed my entire method from start to finish and offered a few dedicated students that chance have me walk them through the entire process.
That’s right! I guaranteed that I would not stop until each student earned $10,000 and I stick to my word.
In order to even FURTHER prove that this works in ANY market, any time, from any location WITHOUT using any of your own money or credit and without ever leaving your house… I decided to be my own testimonial case study and put myself on my own $10k in 60 days challenge.
You see, I am not the type to ever preach the “Do as I say, not as I do” and teach theories unless I have first hand experience of it.
I want to prove that anyone can do this and teach you how to basically create wealth any time you choose. I hate to make it sound so simple… but it kinda is.

So why am I going out of business?

Well, as you would expect, I have made commitments to my students and now, to myself, that require lots of my undivided attention. I would not be doing my job if I did the same as most of the other teachers in this space where they just give you a bunch of videos to watch and you are on your own.
Not my style!
I like to get in there and get my hands dirty right there with them.
I am telling you this because this means you will likely see a drop in the amount of time I can spend writing for the next 60 days.
I know… you are just as broken up about it as I am. I love when I get a chance to write to you

But there is still some good news!

If you haven’t already noticed there is now a “Best Of The Web” section on the blog.
So while I am still reading and may not get a chance to fully write those magical-long posts that you love, I will still bring you summaries and my thoughts on some of the best content I come across that I am sure you will enjoy.
Go by and check it out BEST OF THE WEB
I am still playing with the design so you are likely to see it look a little different every time you visit the site (I can never decide on a design grrrr)

But I have a question for you….

I will be documenting my own process for the next 60 days. I will be talking about what is working. What has failed. How many times I have been cussed out by angry New Yorkers (yes, this has happened already and I am only on day 3). Everything down to earning that first check!
Is this something that interests you?
If you reply with yes, you have an interest in learning how to create wealth in Real Estate without any expertise or experience needed, then I will post my tips and trials right on the home blog.
But if you say NO, not interested in money. Just send me the normal feel good inspirational and entertaining brilliance you normally write, I will say No PROBLEMO! And create a whole new blog just dedicated to Real Estate and creating financial freedom in the shortest time possible.
The choice is yours =-)


If you find some really inspiring posts that deserve to be included in the BEST OF THE WEB SECTION (of you want me to include something you have written) send me a link and I will gladly add it.
Simply suggest the good stuff in the comments.

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