Day 2 on "Days of our Lives" – The Saga Continues“WHAT THE HELL DID I DO WRONG?!?!?!” I yelled out while I lay there motionless.
The air is thick and clammy.  The stench of defeat heavy.
I blink rapidly trying to get my eyes to adjust to the total darkness.
I am soaking wet. Confused. Trying to make sense of it all.
I can barely make out what appears to be a mallard coming towards me in the distance.
I get a hint of lavender and lemon grass in the passing breeze. I am feeling claustrophobic. Tight. Confined.
Where are my clothes?  Is this a dream?
a WHOOSH!  I am blinding by the abrupt lighting and a curvaceous figure standing above me….
It was my loving and supportive girl Sisi.  A sigh of relief washes over me.
“But it’s not fair!  They are only picking on me because I am a nobody.  I bet they wouldn’t ban Eban Pagan!  I would like to see them pull this crap on Frank Kern”  I whined out pitifully
Oh well. Time to dry myself off, throw on my bunny slippers and keep moving forward.
Valuable lesson realized:
There is so much power in creating your OWN assets.  Had this had been 2 years ago and I was building a niche site based around one affiliate product (many courses taught this method) and then that product closed for whatever reason.
What happens to all my hard working ranking that site?  Down to zero in an instant.
With this wso, I could easily put the sales letter on my home page and drive my own traffic without even missing a beat.
I could add it to clickbank, jvzoo, digiresults, digital point, forum special offer, ejunkie, paydotcom, commission junction and many other networks to continue to promote this.
The point is, I have created an asset that can never be taken away.  And to always be building multiple streams of income.  If something should ever happen to one, you have other ventures to keep going.
When you learn this method inside and out, everything can go down to zero – all you sites could be lost, income gone, no resources whatsoever – and all you would need is an internet connection to start all over and be making sales again by the weekend.
You can come up with a new idea, drive traffic and do another presentation within days.
THAT can never be taken away.
So while I am patiently waiting to hear back from support about my ban, my business has barely seen a hiccup.  No time to sit and dwell.
Only learn and take new and more precise action the next time
Thank you for all your support so far!  If there is anything I can do for you just ask.
P. James “feelin the love” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. most of what happened above is loosely based on a semi-true story.  No animals were harmed during this film.
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