[Gift 2 of the season giveaways] More time this time

If you missed my previous email with gift 1 of the season, I explained that I am going to be giving stuff away up until Christmas
Well the first gift was all out within about 4 minutes of me sending the email.
Which is why I said you need to read my emails and read them fast.
Well even with the rules in place, I got quite a few emails telling me that it wasn’t fair. Or that they dont check emails at work or during supper or whatever.
So I promised that I would vary the times I send the gifts out since I typically always write at night and send emails late.
I would also vary the way you can get them and make it fun
So this time I just learned how to do an amazon “giveaway”
This is my first time ever using it … but so far I like it.
This time i set up multiple gifts and I set it to a drawing through amazon so the winner is random.
It’s pretty cool and I like it. So I will be doing several through this.
And I also plan to make the gifts increasingly better the closer we get to Christmas.
Why would I do this you ask?
Purely selfish reasons of course.
I want you to read my emails!
Sometimes I write and plan for hours to create something of value for you. And I’m a sensitive guy. …
How do you think it makes me feel to see that you never even opened it?
You didn’t think about that at all, did you?
See, you’re selfish too. So we can be pals 🙂
Anyway, more to come
Go to my first of many amazon giveaways and try to win gift number 2
P. James “Ho HO HO” Holland
Coach Comeback

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