How Brushing Your Teeth Can Change Your Life

picture of brushing your teeth to improve your life

Brush your teeth - Save your life

I bet you brush your teeth every day… but not like this!
I bet you never would have thought something so simple could have such a profound impact on your life.
Everything matters if you choose to see….


Make every minute count
“There was a lot of waking up at 3 am with thoughts” he had to write down, Justus said. Justus’ advice is that each of us try to spend the 1440 minutes in each day in meaningful ways. It’s good advice. Don’t just get through the day; live it.


To find happiness, the doctor says, mind your minutes.
Peter Justus discovered he could find happiness just cleaning his teeth.


how to manage your time photoThe experience affected him so deeply he wrote a book about it. I read it because I’d been immersing myself in news so discouraging that any respite looked welcome, especially a road map to happiness.
It’s his take on a very old subject. My take on his take: Time is short; don’t just get through what you are doing now, but focus on it and do it well. It gives us pleasure to learn new things and to get better at doing whatever we are doing. Connections to
other people are paramount. Being a good person is important; having more stuff isn’t.
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living in the moment
This weekend was picture perfect. From the weather to the company, it was all around fantastic. On Saturday, I went to yoga (for the second time in a week – woo!) and then spent the poolside with one of the.

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