I just got my account banned! – I need your help!

http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/my-brain-is-full-of-fuckHere I go again.. getting myself in trouble..
Sooooo. Total newbie makes yet another mistake.
That’s right, like it or not I am still considered a newbie/nobody on Warrior Forum and in the IM niche.
I am a personal development writer/blogger. Not a marketer by no means. This WSO was my first! (likely my last. still on the fence)
So to get myself noticed a bit I was advised by some other marketer friends to purchase a solo ad. That is when you pay for another marketer to email his list about your offer.
Well my solo was a total bust and I got scammed so I made a post about it on warriorforum to share and ask for help.
That post was deleted soon after. There was not an email or explanation to why.
I reached out to my experienced warrior friend who told me that it was deleted because I specifically put names in the post and that you cannot do that.
Researched a few other threads and it looked to be the case.
So I was told the post would be fine as long as I removed all names of actual people and just shared my own personal story instead.
So I posted the thread again after removing all names and people quoted because I THOUGHT (foolishly) that I was now in compliance.
If I knew I was doing something wrong I would surely have never done it.
The thread is going good and I am getting some valuable feedback within minutes from very helpful warriors.
Hit refresh and I get a message that my account has been banned!
YUP! For posting a duplicate thread! HA!
Goes to teach you … do your own research. Never take someone else’s word for anything.
So here is where you come in…
If you have learned anything from this product, or you have had any personal contact with me through email, skype, the comments or via the live Q & A…
If you feel you have gotten any value from me… would you PLEASE go and share your experience with me.. dont hold back either… on the wso thread?
(I would not suggest direct emails to support as I have heard they are quite touchy. Dont want to provoke them even more)
I truly value my warrior forum account and it is kind of sad that something so simple would be grounds for a lifetime ban.
maybe if you words are heard, I will have more grounds to get my account reinstated.
You would be doing me a huge favor… and of course I will throw in a shameless bribe!
If you do leave me an honest comment, I will either upgrade your account to any of the oto’s of your choice, give you a free skype call and critique, throw in my product creation product…. or any other random request you can think of to show my gratitude.
Heck, if you just want to reply to this email to cheer me up, that would be great too.
Pretty distraught about all of this right now. I’m human :/


  1. TimCStar says

    Hi Coach,
    Just read this post & checked in over at WF. Apparently, you’re back up & running over there. Congrats! Glad to see it. Also just bought the WSO that started all the ruckus!
    See you in the MWF.

    • says

      Hey Thanks for the support Tim! Yeah with a few emails and a little groveling and a promise to never do it again… I got my account back with a slap on the wrist! =-) So glad. It was an honest mistake from an obvious newbie!

  2. Kader Shahari says

    I think every newbie have experienced of their account got banned either at youtube, google adwords, and the list go on.
    Maybe by simple mistakes, or just by doing fake or spammy things.

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