Are You Exercising For All The Wrong Reasons? Find out why you may be wasting your time

Why do you exercise?  I mean really?

Think about what is your main focus when you head off to the gym?instant benefits of exercise
Do you find that some days you are more motivated than others?
Some days not at all?
It is possible that you may have to rethink your goals.
Sure, we all want to look good in our swimsuits but is that enough to really enjoy the process?

Missed Motivation: Instant Exercise Gratification

“I run each day so that I may stay healthy.” Also hear: “So I can live long.” This works well if the Grimm Reaper, with sickle in hand, is chasing you down the street. Yet it is not so successful if death’s doorstep is a bit further away. Fortunately, the end of days is well in the future for most people. This reality makes striving for health a bit of a weak motivator. It is not within our headlights, so remains out of sight and un-motivating on a daily basis.


In this world instant gratification you can easily see we are all motivated by speed.

  • We have convenient stores with drive-thru’s
  • We record our TV shows so we can fast forward the commercials
  • You can buy pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the grocery store (we all know how sooooo inconvenient it is to spread jam on bread)
  • Drive thru car washes
  •  We microwave steak
  • We pay extra at amusement parks so we don’t have to wait in line (because the prices haven’t gone up enough)
    disneyland ticket prices

    You can't even PARK for this amount now!

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A beach bod is not enough to guarantee you will not cheat on your workout.
What you need is what you can get immediately!
We often neglect the motivation that lies right in front of us. In his article, Maddux grabs onto Eastern philosophies and suggests paying attention to each moment, embracing each step – being mindful. This can be a bit abstract, so an easy first step could be to remain non-judgmental while doing. Plainly put, save the analysis – the labeling of good or bad until the workout is completed. Go with the flow and determine the quality of the workout a while after all the sweat and self-imposed suffering has concluded. As the sneaker company says, “Just do it.” Analyze it later.
This leads to the reward that lies right in front of us…. good feelings and energy follow physical activity. There is no need to wait weeks until the scale cooperates. There is no need to trust that you have assured yourself one more day on this earth with each successful pull-up. The reward of good feelings is immediate and quite regular.
The moral?
Take time to really notice how fantastic you feel after a good workout!
Don’t you notice an instant rush?
Do you pay attention to how you mental state has been altered?
Well you should!
Besides just feeling absolutely awesome, which should be enough, try to find more ways you can find to feel motivated about each workout.
I ask you….
What other instant benefits can you get RIGHT after your done exercising?

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