Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated Each Day


No matter how passionate, or optimistic a person is, there will always be a time when he or she will lose motivation; and it may happen because of varying
reasons, such as a recent loss, an uncontrollable mishap, or a simple strike of boredom or laziness. To keep yourself inspired and perked up, here are a
few simple things that you can do on a daily basis:
Make a “vision board ” and put it in your room.
vision board
A vision board is a collage of the things that you
want to accomplish or buy. It could be a cutout of a brochure of your dream car, a “ photoshopped “picture of you wearing a
wedding dress made by your favorite designer, a printout of a place where you’ve always wanted to go, or a photo of the house that you want to buy
for your family. The more visual it is the better. Put it on a prominent part of your room and make the design as eye-catching as possible. Seeing your
vision board first thing in the morning will remind you of your dreams and will give you the boost to start the day right.
Put a trigger near your door.
A trigger is something that would encourage or remind you of your activity for the day. If you’ve made the commitment to jog every morning, put your running shoes near your door. That way, you will feel the urge to follow through on your schedule.
Keep a picture of your loved ones at your desk.
Whenever you feel like things aren’t going your way, that photo will remind you that there are people who believe in you and are counting on
you. A simple thing as that can help you catch your second wind and carry on.
post it note quote of the day
Stick post-its of encouragement on your computer monitor.
Whenever you feel like slacking off or procrastinating, seeing those notes would be like hearing your own voice reprimanding you. Choose the neon
ones and write on them in bold letters of contrasting color, for maximum impact.
Treat yourself to some quality relaxation at the end of the day.
You can put some ambient music, light scented candles and just soak yourself on your bathtub, or take a warm shower, drink some chamomile tea or warm
milk and just meditate on your bed until you fall asleep. Do whatever it takes to seal the day serenely, just clearing whatever that bothered you or made
you feel bad and going for a good night’s sleep. Doing so will make you feel invigorated the next morning.

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