Why I Cheated

It’s not my fault!
Don’t look at me like that. With your judgy-judgington face on. Like you have never done it yourself.
I could not help myself. I have a weakness for things that make me feel good.
And good food does that to me.
Of course I am talking about how I cheated on my diet a few days ago. (see pic below)
To be fair… I wasn’t “technically” on a diet. Just every since I got back from my honeymoon a few months ago and saw myself in the pictures, I have been trying to make better choices. Plus we were introduced to juicing as well.
I am happy to say I am down about 16lbs from my wedding weight… and still going. But I am weak….
I had been hearing that we live only a few miles from the #2 rated Donut shop in the entire US! This Magical Land of wonderment and surprise is called “Britt’s Donuts”. They make them live and fresh right in front of you.
Sunday was their last day before they closed for the season. AND the shop is right on Carolina Beach! I mean.. c’mon

How on earth does a piggy like me resist something like that. Everything was working against me. So I had a lazy moment. So what. I decided to make a pact with myself. Sundays no longer count (neither do sundaes either 😀 ).


I am allowing myself some lazy time. And you should too!

Today my client, partner… and dare I say… friend just got wso of the day … AGAIN with his brilliant 1-page lazy sites method.
I love how he comes up with these methods of getting income from the laziest methods EVER! And I know they work because we have personally worked together to build a few (will share more about that another time).
If you would like the insider scoop, maybe I will bring him back on the podcast again where we can fire off questions at Wayne himself.
Go check out 1-page lazy sites below and let me know what you think
P. James “screw Krispy Kreme” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. If you are shocked because you know I NEVER do promotional blog posts of everyone and their dog’s products like everyone else does — don’t be. I ONLY share my own stuff as well as my clients and students. And I will GLADLY do the same for you. Find out more here

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