What the Heck Is A Latke?

I love candid moments…. Today I wanted to share with you a purely entertaining post. Yes… It is likely you will learn nothing. It is a guarantee you will buy nothing. You might even laugh a bit and feel like you accomplished nothing by reading this email and listening to the podcast of me and […]

Well… That REALLY Helped

Things were just not going my way… Was letting too many problems overwhelm and take my eyes off of what really matters. So, off a suggestion from another member, I started looking for the good. So I started collecting all of the positive testimonials, comments, videos and things people have said about me on the […]

Trouble, Drama and Annoyances

Nothing is working right for me right now. I usually don’t just ramble and let circumstances get the best of me. But if you are wondering why you haven’t heard from me in awhile… or why it is a lot less than normal… I have been consumed with technical issues that are driving me nuts! […]