Your Best Life Begins Each Morning: Devotions to Start Every Day of the Year (Faithwords)

The potential to live your best life starts with each new morning. With every sunrise, you can choose to approach the day with an attitude of faith and expectancy. Bestselling author Joel Osteen writes, “When you get up in the morning, the first things you should do is set your mind in the right direction . . . and then go out anticipating good things.”


Now, for the first time, Pastor Osteen presents a tool to accomplish that goal. Based on his book, Your Best Life Now, he offers prescriptions for positive living in 365 daily messages. Each message is accompanied by a relevant scripture.

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  1. W. Barker ""http://wendisbookcorner.blogs... says

    An Inspirational (and Positive) Way to Start the Day Perfect for : Personal Use, Great giftIn a nutshell: This is a wonderful book for daily use, that helps to start the day on a positive/inspiring note with biblical inspiration. It is small, about 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide and about 1 inch thick – it will fit great in a purse, glove box, desk drawer, etc, just put it somewhere so you can read it every morning. There is an inspirational thought and bible verse for each day of the year, and each one takes only a minute or two to read, but will help you stay inspired all day! This would be a great gift for any religious friend or relative you want to provide encouragement to.Extended Review:Content: I’ve taken the time to read ahead in the book so I could do a better review. I love the different ways I am encouraged each morning, revisiting my hopes and dreams (Jan. 1), looking at where you want to be in the future (Jan. 26th), “Dare to be Happy” with who you are (April 17th), etc. I’ve provided a few themes that are supported by scripture and examples, along with a great thought for the day.Format: The book is very easy to follow – there is a short introduction, then a page for each day that includes: the date, a title theme, a scripture supporting the theme, and a story or example that ends with a type of thoughtful reflection for the day. The book has a section for notes at the end, and a built-in ribbon bookmark to help you easily find the next day.Readability: Wonderfully easy to read, with a consistent format.Overall: A great way to start the day! And it only requires a few minutes to read (maybe less?), and you will gain insight into yourself and great thoughts to take you through the day.

  2. Ocean Lover says

    Wonderful, wonderful devotions! This is a beautiful way to start your mornings with thoughtful and insightful devotions. Joel Osteen’s daily devotions are incredible how they speak to you as if they were written for you personally. I have learned so much from the devotions and have found so much peace from the messages in them. No matter what is occurring in your life you can gain so much from his words and feel uplifted.

  3. Rj "Rj" says

    Excellent thoughts to start the day I love to start my day by reading from this book. Even though the daily devotionals are short, they are packed with thought provoking words. This is a no excuses devotional because anyone can spend a couple of minutes reading the daily thoughts.

  4. khuyen says

    i’v not read this book. but with the great introduction, i can feel the soul of the book. i took the advice and will apply as soon as can, yep, dont waste time anymore, enjoy your life but its greater if you can make it meaningful

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